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Hurricane Relief + Nalu Tribe

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Hello Everyone,

In the last few weeks so many lives here in the US have been affected by the destructive forces of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Mother nature has a way of letting us know she is still the boss and at the same time reminding us what is really important. Homes, possessions, business, and livelihoods are gone in a few hours and basic needs like water, food, shelter are pushed to the top of the list. 

Here in New York we were in the path and first hand witnesses of Super Storm Sandy, so I know what post storm looks like. Block after block of houses with piles of their belonging out by the curb because of flooding, power outages, boats in people yards, fish in basements, down trees, beaches eroded cars floated away, and four hour wait to get gas.

Personally we were very lucky and had no damage and only had to deal with the inconvenience of lack of electrical power and no gas. We were lucky and we are grateful the our friends and family are all safe.

With many family and friends in Florida we are grateful again that they are all safe. It’s time to rebuild, recover and make whole again.

Florida is a second home to our family and we love it there. So we are sadden and heart broken at the damage that has been left. I have always sent my own personal donations and/ or relief aid to the Red Cross  when something like this happens.

This time, I would like to use Nalu Tribe to help further my donations.

From September 15th - September 30th for every pair of leggings sold here or from my original Etsy shop, I will donate $10 to the current Hurricane Relief funds.

So help me help others and get some cool leggings for doing it. When you wear the leggings you can think of them as your reminder, that we are all connected and someone else got what they needed with your purchase.

Please help spread the word and share this post with family and friends. I will post updates on my SM and here on the website.

Namaste & God Bless,



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