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Barrels for Boobs Surf Contest

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I am excited to announce that Nalu Tribe is sponsoring its first surf contest. The 3rd annual Wahine of the Waves (WOW) Charity 'Barrels for Boobs' in Marineland, FL on April 8th. All proceeds from this conest go to the Florida Foundation for Breast Cancer. 

For more info on the event, please visit

University of Florida  (WOW) girls.

Wahine of the Waves (WOW) is an all girls surf, skate, skim and wakeboard club at the University of Florida. They take in females of all athletic levels and work on advancing their riding, whether the goal is just to stand up on a surfboard, or become the nations next wakeboard champion.They have specialized members, their “captains,” are qualified in coaching their individual sport. Their mission: To encourage female progression in board sports (as well as other male-dominated sports) and boost the confidence of our female athletes.




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